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You can easily send out a mass text message to multiple recipients from the i Phone Messages app.

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Time to eliminate outdated messages and conversations! Then, tap on the Delete button in the popup window. If you want to delete multiple messages, tap on the tiny circle to the left of each message and then hit the delete button → Next up, tap on the recycle bin icon and tap on delete message(s). That way, no matter which Apple device you're using to make a Face Time call, no one will ever be confused about who's calling them.You can block a contact from trying to Face Time you — and phone you and i Message you — at any time. Next, you have two options: Choose the preferred option. Wrapping up Use these simple tips to keep both the messaging app and your device uncluttered! We're launching some new social features throughout the 2016 season to make it easier to play with friends.Face Time starts off using your i Phone phone number and Apple ID email address as the way for other people to reach you.

You can add new addresses — for example, a work or school address —and remove them at any time, though, and set any active number or address as your Caller ID.

If, for some reason, it isn't activated, or if you want to restrict access for your children, or even turn it off entirely, you can do that too.

Do you have an event, announcement, or statement you want to broadcast to a group of people?

Of course, receiving replies will count against your standard texting plan as usual though, if the message is not transmitted through Apple i Message protocol.

Basically if you’re group chatting with other i Phone users, its almost certain to use the blue-bubble i Message, whereas if you’re group chatting with Android and Windows Phone users, you’ll probably see the green text chat bubble instead, indicating SMS.

Whether it's a former significant other, friend, relative, or associate you've fallen out with, or a spammer or prank caller harshening your mellow, block them once and they're silenced forever.