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5minutedating com

The site will also allow investors to see, attached to projects, commentary and advice from experts and analysts at Goldman Sachs, VTB, Troika Dialog, Mc Kinsey, Pw C, Bain, and other companies known for their local expertise. tech markets, in a manner that provides maximum security, without having to deal with long and complicated processes.Says Firebird CEO Matthew Goldstein, “On-line speed-dating itself is a new concept. However, we feel investors, even very high worth investors, have long wanted to be able to participate, with certain confidentiality, in the exciting, booming Russia and C. They want to personally know whom they are investing in and be able to invest when the valuation is at its lowest, have certain control over the company’s future development without exceeding their bandwith, and receive a type of access to the markets and the smaller and mid-sized players that even many local accelerators and incubators have issues in obtaining.” The companies and investors will communicate based on assigned ID numbers, in place of direct phones and emails, although generalized info on the companies and investors, when they enter the process of negotiating deals, will be fully accessible.

But as a fellow event planner, I realize all the details that go into hosting an event.



I had a really nice time last night and look forward to attending your events in the future."The Singles is celebrating 11 years as the largest full-service singles company in New Jersey!

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B2B Speed-funding Program, Firebird Speed, will give qualified US investors the opportunity to interact, via on-line scheduled events, with Russian and C. S.-based startups as well as established companies seeking expansion. entrepreneurs can pitch personally to targeted, potential investors en masse.We aim to inform and teach people about the importance of maintaining your privacy on the internet, as well as keeping your own personal information safe. I just wanted to take a moment to thank and congratulate you on the wonderful job that you do with your speeddating events. NEWTOWN STATIONERY AND COMMUNICATION SERVICES LIMITED. PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. NEW ZEALAND BORLE INTERNATIONAL NUTRIMENT GROUP LIMITED.