Apple updating airport extreme

02-Dec-2016 13:41 by 9 Comments

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Apple on Tuesday released new firmware updates for its Wi-Fi-based Airport routers, including the Airport Extreme, Airport Express, and Air Port Time Capsule.

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“That’s the only possibility for Apple introducing some kind of smart home device this year,” Hung said in reference to the potential for a Home Kit-enabled router.It’s probable Apple will do the same during this year’s event, with Siri enhancements as the headlining feature.Some news outlets have reported on two other improvements that may be coming as well: a redesigned version of Apple Music and a new payments service.But Hung says “there’s no way” Apple will unveil such a product at WWDC even if it’s in Apple’s pipeline.On a more minor note, Hung believes there’s a chance we may see a refreshed Mac Book Pro that incorporates Touch ID, as well as a new Air Port Extreme wireless router.There are two ways Apple could approach the launch of the new router, says Hung.

Either Apple will incorporate features that allow it to connect to smart home devices in Apple’s Home Kit ecosystem, or it will be an incremental update that simply refreshes the hardware.Apple is also reportedly working on a person-to-person payments system similar to Venmo, as The Wall Street reported in November.If Apple is planning to launch such a service with its next i Phone update, which could potentially be a new feature in Apple Pay, we could hear about it during the WWDC keynote.With its last major i Phone software update, Apple introduced buttons that allow users to jump between apps without having to return to the home screen.Letting Siri access apps would be the next evolution of that concept, making it even easier to multitask.“They’re building their foundation on two things: the cloud and machine learning in the cloud.

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