Backup exec job status says updating

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Backup exec job status says updating - Cybersexchats free

File Transfer PC to Mainframe -805 Sql Code when accessing DB2 table Error code 305 while executing an SQL command Announcing the 'Member of Month' for August - 2006 Keywords in JCL What will happen if empty vsam file is opened for input System or user abend S878 R=00000010 was issued ABEND=S04E U0000 REASON=00E40009 Zero Suppression in Cobol Assembler to Cobol Conversion tool.Abending with USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 REASON CODE=00000000 Internal table: Occurs depending on Clause How to send mail using JCL Overriding a SAS DDname What Women Want in Men How to sum a particular field from a input dataset u4087 Abend - not able to resolve.

File does exist and it is showing SOC7 abend Browsing FCT Entry Rename all members in a PDS SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C7 REASON CODE=00000000 How to use Include and exclude/Omit condition in same step ?

How to read 0C4/AKEA abend in CICS ISPF Panel error COMMAND NOT FOUND how to stop a running job Future of Mainframe Technology Need to resolve SOC7 abend.

COBOL variable is not getting rounded off RC -3 in the REXX code in the Batch mode List of top 5/10 companies who deal with Mainframes? Packed decimal field ina file to alphanumeric in File layout Need guidelines switching to Mainframe Field Joinkeys - unpaired keys Upload and replace newline characters from data file Abend with SYNCTOOL - System Completion 013 ABSTIME & FORMAT TIME COMMANDS How to move a 9(11) variable to 9(9)v99. passing symbolic parameter in sysin dd statement User Abend u0777 What is the use of SYSDA,12 RECEIVE and IND$FILE (Uploading a file to the mainframe How to open a dataset without going through 3.4 utility NUMVAL function to convert to Numeric Command to view the Max-CC view in Spool Recover a deleted dataset.

Option for tracking code during compiling The system or user abend S806 R=00000004 Can You Solve These Puzzles?

Information on Tape Dataset Removing duplicates without Sorting in JCL Unable to copy and paste from Mainframe Emulator to MSExcel Need to stop sorting after 570 records Can we use Syncsort to copy records with RECFM=U WER244A OUTREC - SHORT RECORD How to trigger a job after a successful NDM process How to override a file name in a proc S0C4 with reason code 11 can we write a jcl to compare two files ?

How to solve IMS U0476 Abend Abend due to Disp parameter DISP=(, CATLG) FILE STATUS 39 while opening the file How to download all members from pds at 1 time?

Rec count for multiple flat files - PS JCL to copy a GDG (all generations) to another GDG Any Rexx program to ftp a dataset from mainframe to pc Commands in Expediter Future for DEVELOPER in MAINFRAME Technology how to find the number of limits in gdg...Delete the datasets through JCL How to solve SE37 ABEND?NUMERIC check in COBOL What are S222, S322, S722 errors Connect Direct to transfer a file from mainframe to Unix Try to Crack DB2 Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews Article: Resoving S0C7 COBOL File status code 35 How to Validate DATE field in cobol program SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4 REASON CODE=00000010 How to use DSNTIAUL in jcl to fetch data from table.Conversion from FBA to FB Pointer concept in Cobol Copying dataset to new dataset using rexx?Syncsort - GET THE RECORD COUNT IN THE FILE How to delete an uncataloged dataset Major difference between plan and package S106 Abend - ACCESS FAILED FOR MODULE DFHTU640 ABEND S878 Reason code = 10 Share your best REXX tool concepts ADRDSSU ...restoring tape data to a flat file Display all the datasets of a particular letter - REXX Xpediter Error: NO SOURCE LISTING DATA SET MEMBER Doubt in COND operator: COND=(0, NE) Any way to find the success of NDM Meeting at the Airport (General Talk, not Fun Stuff!!How to solve SB37, SD37 Need FTP JCL which sends the dataset in text format S04E abend with COBOL DB2 IMS program REXX to find who is using a dataset currently How to fix the s322 Abend Code How to find number of records in a file through TSO Cobol Level Number 88 ISPF EDIT - Primary Commands Abend S806-04 How to solve the ASRA abend in CICS Difference B'ween STATIC & DYNAMIC How to delete GDG base from MVS What is SO4C error in JCL Check a file is empty or not in JCL How to resolve ABEND S213 Difference bw "NEXT SENTENCE" and "CONTINUE" Difference between symbolic parameter and an override Reasons for User Abend U4038 Syntax for OUTREC FIELDS in SORT Error in my output: ABEND=S000 U0999 Can any one give some ftp program written in jcl?

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