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Crooks and computer hackers are always developing new malware that can access computers and steal information, such as account passwords or credit or debit card numbers.

Take extra precautions for logging into bank and other financial accounts.While these websites may be beneficial, they can also present potential issues related to the security of the account information you have shared with them.If you want to use their services, thoroughly research the company behind the website, including making sure that you're dealing with a legitimate entity and not a fraudulent site.Also be sure to set the software to update automatically so that it can protect you from the latest malware. A firewall is a combination of hardware and software that establishes a barrier between your personal computer and an external network, such as the Internet, and then monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic.In simple terms, a firewall acts as a gatekeeper that helps screen out hackers, malware and other intruders who try to access your computer from the Internet.Don't use the same password for different accounts because a criminal who obtains one password can then log in to your other accounts.

Keep your user IDs and passwords secret, and change them regularly.

Only use security products from reputable companies.

Some anti-virus software and firewalls can be purchased, while others are available free.

Take precautions if you provide financial account information to third parties online.

For example, some people use online "account aggregation" services that, from one website, can provide a convenient way to pay bills, monitor balances in deposits and investment accounts, and even keep track of your frequent flyer miles.

Also ask what protections the website offers if it experiences a data breach or loss of data.