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The 1888 Convention of Constantinople declared the canal a neutral zone under British protection.The Convention came into force in 1904, the same year as the Entente cordiale between Britain and France.

Heavy political pressure from the United States and the USSR led to a withdrawal. The Suez Canal was closed from October 1956 until March 1957.

The British denied the Russian fleet use of the canal and forced it to steam around Africa, giving the Japanese forces time to consolidate their position in East Asia.

The importance of the canal as a strategic intersection was again apparent during the First World War, when Britain and France closed the canal to non-Allied shipping.

MGI started with its flagship brand Max’s Restaurant, a humble roadside cafe in the home of its founders. In 1984, Max’s opens in Los Angeles, followed four years later with another Max’s Restaurant in San Diego, California.

A simple gesture of welcoming American GIs in 1945 with Fried Chicken gave birth to a proud global Filipino institution.

It served food familiar to the soldiers, among them steaks and fried chicken, using recipes developed by Ruby S. In early 1950, the restaurant operations were formally incorporated as and into Q.

Customers loved it so much that they would consume the famous fried chicken all the way to the last bite, which prompted the company to officially adopt the tagline, “Sarap to the bones.” Max’s marketing campaign reinforced its position as one of the leading fried chicken restaurants and food brands in the Philippines.

With the goal of delighting its customers, it continually searches for partners who share their passion and vision to consistently serve new customers in new territories fresh, genuine, quality food and a great dining experience in different formats.

The Max’s Group, Inc., comprised of the Max’s Entities, owns and operates the homegrown brands “Max’s Restaurant”, “Max’s Corner Bakery” and also holds the licenses to operate the international brands “Krispy Kreme” and “Jamba Juice.”The Max’s Group’s history is made through the stories of well-established family restaurants that are all known for good food and great memories Max’s was originally established in 1945 as a bar and café in Scout Tuason, Quezon City to cater to the American soldiers stationed along the nearby South Market Street (renamed Alejandro Roces Avenue).

They were willing buyers and obtained a 44 percent share in the canal's operations for less than £4 million; this maintained the majority shareholdings of the mostly French private investors.

With the 1882 invasion and occupation of Egypt, the United Kingdom took de facto control of the country as well as the canal proper, and its finances and operations.

The canal eased commerce for trading nations and particularly helped European colonial powers to gain and govern their colonies.