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Territories that had the steepest increases in overdose deaths were Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland and North Dakota.

The CDC's new report confirms that drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans than fatal illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia - which, combined, kill about 57,000 people - suicide, which claims around 44,000 lives annually.From there, they can create from that one kilogram hundreds of thousands of pills and sell the counterfeit pills for millions of dollars.Dr Healton said that the spike in deaths is, in part, a reflection of a lack of education.'We are doing absolutely nothing to educate the American people broadly. She added: 'The education curve has not happened and it needs to happen.'Dr Healton thinks that a full-fledged anti-opioid campaign needs to be initiated in the US.creator Mike Fleiss announced on Tuesday that Dean Unglert was officially out of the running to become the next Bachelor, but the search for the next lead is far from over.Though Peter Kraus has been a frontrunner since Rachel Lindsay's season of , there's still a few other names in the hat, and as Fleiss has declared that "all options are on the table."RELATED: Dean Unglert Will Not Be the Next 'Bachelor,' Show Creator Reveals ET's Lauren Zima got the lowdown on where things stand at last week's "The Bachelor" (Season 1): Alex Michel didn't propose to Amanda Marsh when he chose her over Trista Rehn back in 2002, and they broke up after several months of dating.(Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images) "The Bachelor" (Season 2): Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz broke off their engagement after just a couple of weeks, continuing the franchise's early struggle to result on a long-lasting relationship.

(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)"The Bachelorette" (Season 1): Trista Rehn (now Trista Sutter) and Ryan Sutter are the ultimate Bachelor Nation success story.New CDC figures reveal another significant increase in drug overdose deaths - a bleak sign that efforts to control the epidemic are failing.The number of Americans who died in 2016 and the first months of 2017 from a drug overdose hit 64,765, which is up more than 10,000 from the same figure from 2015.Dr Healton explained that after a person gets hooked on opioids - which does not take long - the doctor who prescribed the drugs to them will usually sense this.When they do, they will stop writing prescriptions for opioids for the addicted patient, which will in turn cause the person to seek out the medications to satisfy their cravings elsewhere.And, conversely, 'just because the rate went down doesn't mean [a state is] doing things right'.