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Like the best art, it takes something small and local-in this case, a budding relationship between a New York temp and account executive-and makes it resonate in a way that is truly universal.I recommend it highly for anyone-I can see that it would be a fun date movie (and a real ice-breaker for a first or second date) but also something that longtime couples can get something out of.

It's probably true that everyone has their Ludlow, and there's a moment in every relationship when we introduce the other person to our Ludlow and hope for the best.As a result, he's always felt different from everyone else, especially since he moved to New York. "If that means I gotta pay, then no," Myra responds.Myra works as a temp at his place of employment and Reggie's been trying to get to know her, but she always responds with sarcasm. (He assures her it doesn't.) Little does he know her brother's got Myra beat in the sarcasm department. Ludlow will force him to prove otherwise, just as Reggie will force the feisty Myra to prove whether she has what it takes to be a lover. Fennessy I like the actors and the attitude of the main leading lady. I gave this movie four starts because the acting was good and believable.According to the movie's description, Ludlow is bipolar.I'm no diagonstician, but he seemed a bit more autistic to me-his moods seemed fairly even, but he had definite problems interfacing with the rest of the world and accepting a break in his routine.To me, Ludlow represents the baggage that people bring to any relationship.

It could be, as it is in this movie, a sibling or parent that one has to care for.

I thought that the uncertainty about Ludlow's precise problem strengthened the movie-it makes sense that, given the family's situation, they aren't going to be taking him for a battery of psychiatric exams, and they probably wouldn't have a real diagnosis.

Myra would just know, as she knows in the movie, that there is something wrong with her brother, and that it is her job to take care of him. We see that Myra, with her abraisive exterior, is hiding a terrible secret-that she really is a loving, caring, and dedicated person.

She hasn't dated much not because she can't stand other people, but because she knows that no one will accept both her and Ludlow.

I've done a lot of thinking about this movie since I've seen it, and I think it really is very profound.

DVD Features: Biographies Deleted Scenes Photo gallery Theatrical Trailer Based on the play Finger Painting in a Murphy Bed, Love, Ludlow is as gently humorous as it is sweetly romantic.