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A statuesque brunette of Irish descent, Bridget Moynahan first turned heads as Mr.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Colin Farrell The film is about a brilliant young CIA trainee (Farrell) who is asked by his mentor (Al Pacino) to help find a mole in the Agency. is a better movie than Patrick would have you believe.I found it entertaining and sometimes even exciting.As the suspense builds in a maze of gripping twists and turns, there are only two things James can count on -- he can't trust anyone and nothing is as it seems.It's the ultimate CIA thriller with so many surprise plot twists, you'll want to watch it again and again.James quickly rises through the ranks and falls for Layla (Bridget Moynahan, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS), one of his fellow recruits.

But just when James starts to question his role and his cat-and-mouse relationship with his mentor, Burke taps him to root out a mole.Everything builds to a rather implausible and unsatisfactory climax. Colin Farrell has the goods to become a major star, ditto for Bridget Moynahan and Pacino remains a riveting and powerful presence on the screen even if he seems to be playing a parody of himself these days.They should try it again with a better script and different director at the helm.Once there he meets, and is immediately attracted to, fellow trainee Layla (Bridget Moynahan).They flirt with each other and form a bond, of sorts; all the while Burke is bombastically and incessantly reminding them "Everything is a test." The first half of the movie is the more enjoyable.The Recruit is one of those movies that manage to entertain on the surface as long as one is willing to not scratch underneath for any signs of intelligence.

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