College dating violence programs

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The candlelit march proceeds from Loyola to Tulane, where others have the opportunity to speak out against sexual violence.The march is usually scheduled in October to coincide with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.

Available workshops include: At various times, campus offices and organizations co-sponsor programs that raise awareness about sexual violence issues.The Advocacy Initiative trains volunteers on how to be a first responder (Click here for more information about the program or to locate an advocate).Take Back the Night gathers over 600 campus and community members for a powerful evening of social action.The Office of New Student Orientation produced a theatrical presentation of "How I Learned to Drive" about sexual abuse.All incoming first year students participate in a program, "Think About It" which addresses the intersection of sexual violence and alcohol use.This university-wide event is coordinated through the University Counseling Center.

This therapy group is offered annually in the University Counseling Center.This annual march against sexual violence has been co-sponsored by Loyola University New Orleans and Tulane University since 1990. The purpose of the march is to heighten awareness of sexual violence in our community and to empower survivors.The emotionally powerful evening begins with speakers who share their personal stories of rape, assault or domestic violence, and their journeys to healing and hope.As with most worthwhile endeavors, however, the college experience may also present hidden risks. College men also experience sexual assault, albeit in smaller numbers.Studies have shown that college students are most at risk of becoming involved in a sexually abusive situation. Strangers perpetrate only 20 percent of all reported rapes.It is for women who have survived sexual trauma and recognize that this experience is continuing to affect their lives.