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Victor Hasselblad's real ambition was to make high-quality civilian cameras.

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Though a specialty product not intended to sell in large numbers, the SWA was an impressive achievement, and derivatives were sold for decades.

By late 1941, the operation had over 20 employees and the Swedish Air Force asked for another camera, one which would have a larger negative and could be permanently mounted to an aircraft. Between 19, Hasselblad delivered 342 cameras to the Swedish military.

In 1942, Karl Erik Hasselblad died and Victor took control of the family business.

Management of the company eventually passed to Karl Erik Hasselblad, Arvid's son (grandson of founder F. Karl Erik wanted his son, Victor Hasselblad, to have a wide understanding of the camera business, and sent him to Dresden, Germany, then the world center of the optics industry, at age 18 (c. Victor spent the next several years studying and working in various photography related endeavors in Europe and the US, including Rochester, New York with George Eastman, before returning to work at the family business.

Due to disputes within the family, particularly with his father, Victor left the business and in 1937 started his own photo store and lab in Gothenburg, Victor Foto.

The Swedish government realised the strategic advantage of developing an aerial camera for their own use, and in the spring of 1940 approached Victor Hasselblad to help create one.

In April 1940, Victor Hasselblad established a camera workshop in Gothenburg called Ross AB in a shed at an automobile shop, working in the evenings in cooperation with a mechanic from the shop and his brother, began designing the HK7 camera.

It, too, had a focal-plane shutter which led to its final replacement by the 500 C but nonetheless provided a big leg up in the medium format.

It had a very fine 200mm f4 Sonnar sport lens that made it a great wildlife camera.

which meant no more need to turn the camera on its side.

In 1954, they mated the groundbreaking new 38mm Biogon lens designed by Dr.

For Hasselblad Masters, see Hasselblad Masters Award. Victor Hasselblad AB is a Swedish manufacturer of medium-format cameras, photographic equipment and image scanners based in Gothenburg, Sweden.