Dating in chinese

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Dating in chinese - Chatting sex betwen boys and girls

In occasions like this, the whole family gets together and asks the unmarried young women how old they are, why they are not married yet, whether they have a boyfriend etc.

In today’s modern world, young Chinese people are looking for partners on their own and do not approve of their parents’ matchmaking anymore.Since 2009 however, Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, transformed Singles’ Day into a sort of Chinese Black Friday.Every year since, Alibaba has been creating more and more buzz around Singles’ Day, with celebrity endorsements, tons of advertisements, online events and the involvement of numerous famous brands.At the same time, respecting one’s parents is extremely important in China and not getting married is often regarded as a sign of disrespect by the older generations.Not getting married at a certain age is seen as a real problem and a lot of social pressure is put on the “leftover women.” This is especially true during holidays like Chinese New Year (read more about it here).And they are usually the reverse of the profiles at the marriage market: salary and home ownership are not as important as pictures, one’s personality and hobbies.

This reflects the young people’s desire for romantic relationships in which feelings and personal happiness play a major role. Tantan, with the literal meaning “to explore,” works the same way like Tinder: after filling out their description and interests, users can swipe to the right or to the left depending on whether they like or dislike the profile which appears on their screen.However, it is always established from the beginning that the rental does not include any kissing or sexual services.) was established among young Chinese people to show that they are proud of being single.It is celebrated on November 11, as the date consists of the repeated figure 1 (11.11), representing several single people.Because of the different views on marriage of various generations on the one hand and the difficulty for young people to find suitable partners on the other hand, the practice of renting fake boyfriends (假男友 ) online emerged in China.To be able to show their families that they are in relationships when they go home for the holidays, some Chinese search online, on sites such as Taobao, to find someone that they can rent to stop making their parents feel anxious.This phenomenon however, is not only pricey but also assumes a good preparation so that the stories of both parties are matching and the parents don’t suspect the plot.