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There are many nuclear power plants located across the country.If the power grid (or part of the power grid) goes down during a nuclear exchange, there will additionally be a high probability that some (or many) of these plants will present a real and present danger if they cannot ‘scram’ in time – while critical systems are held up by diesel backup generators and dependence on a constant delivery of fuel to keep them running. ) are apparently ahead of the US with regards to EMP research and technology.

Note: Potassium iodide tablets will be crucial following a nuclear exchange.—————————————— i OSAT™ is manufactured in the United States under strict FDA “GMP guidelines,” and is the only product which can be purchased by local, state and federal governments – and widely purchased by nuclear utilities.Fusion reactors, if achieved, promise to bring the world near-limitless clean energy, tapping into the processes of the sun and stars to generate power here on Earth.No doubt I’ve missed a number of them, as well as other probable strategic locations, but it’s simply food-for-thought.The large target ‘blob’ areas shown within the apparent sparsely populated regions of Montana, N.Some believe that a nuclear first strike will ‘first’ involve a salvo of EMP detonations at high altitude (potentially via orbiting satellites, or launched from submarines or even off-shore freighters).

This will likely take down the power grid, followed by a first wave of nuclear strike.

I plan to re-do this map one day and will update it here… ) Nuclear Survival Preparedness: i OSAT™ [potassium iodide] protects against radioactive iodine by preventing its absorption by the thyroid gland by saturating the thyroid with stable iodine, “filling it to capacity”.

Nuclear Weapons The approximate official world score… Once filled, the gland “turns off” its absorption mechanism, and it will remain off long enough for the radioactive iodine to disappear naturally.

A ground burst detonation will not only pulverize everything within a given radius, but will also pulverize many countless tons of soil and dirt into the atmosphere.

This will create a very dirty nuclear fallout situation.

See more information about i OSAT™ tablets at the end of article.

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