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After graduating from Clayton High School, she moved to New York City and attended Barnard College. Post began playing guitar in her sophomore year of college, and after graduating with a major in English, went back to St. She then moved to Chicago, Illinois, and was unsure of which career to follow.

Post wrote her first song at age 16, inspired by Vanity 6.

In 2014, the band played several dates in the United States and Australia.

The first post-reunion Veruca Salt album, Ghost Notes, was released on July 10, 2015 to favorable reviews.

I don’t use an alarm clock; my body wakes me up at 5am every day, no matter what time I went to sleep.

My closet has got 30 pairs of jeans, 30 flannel shirts and a bunch of stuff I never wear.

After a few live concerts, the band was signed to Minty Fresh Records and began recording with producer Brad Wood, at the time popular for having produced Liz Phair's critically acclaimed album Exile in Guyville (1993).

The band released a 7-inch single for the song "Seether", and later, their first full-length album, American Thighs on September 27, 1994, and re-released on November 8, 1994 by Geffen Records.She is best known for being the vocalist and guitarist of alternative rock band Veruca Salt, which she co-founded with Nina Gordon in 1992. She began playing the piano at age seven, and participated in several musicals in high school.At age 16, Post founded an R&B band with her brother Eric.The album peaked on the Billboard Top 20 at 69, and was eventually certified Gold.Other singles of the album included "All Hail Me" and "Number One Blind".They have released eight studio albums and won 11 Grammys.

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