Eduroam stuck validating identity

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Eduroam stuck validating identity

If you need to ban a user you would do so by blocking the certificate (eg by using OSCP) rather than by disabling their account.By doing this the user could still read e-mails sent over 3G/4G which could be used to advise them of the password change/network access lock/other reasin why eduroam connection is not working for them. Users do not enter their password credential when logging on with eduroam using EAP-TLS and their password isn't stored in cache on the device, which is a security plus, but of course with EAP-TLS you do need to have and operate a certificate management system.

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Rather, local users may be connected to non-eduroam network services suited to local users as required. We are contemplating data mining of the websites visited by eduroam users (for the purpose of providing analytics on the most visited web pages and repeat visits since such metrics are very useful to our collections staff and such data would prove to be force multipliers for much needed funding bids to demonstrate delivery of resources).

Type your full IU email address as your username, and enter your Network ID passphrase.

This page lists the most common frequently asked questions about eduroam in the UK.

Furthermore, an organisation can setup a local VLAN/network segment for its own eduroam users on which the organisation can implement any policy it choses (including web content filtering) and when users are at their home organisation, local users once authenticated, can be connected to this local VLAN (using dynamic VLAN assignment).

Visiting eduroam users however must be connected to eduroam-compliant network services (refer to Technical Specification).

It should also be noted that content filtering not involving interception proxies IS permitted on eduroam network services for Visitors (providing its use is advertised), although this is discouraged. The eduroam T&Cs do not prelude the monitoring and analysis of traffic but clarification is sought on whether we can: Log our eduroam users’ outbound traffic and analyse the traffic for frequently used websites and repeat visits, given that we anonymise the data so that is not personally identifiable and delete the information when no longer needed. eduroam policy does not say anything about a member organisation monitoring of use of the network.

However the ability to monitor suggests that a proxy may be utilised somewhere.

There is an introduction to the different legal bases, as they will be from May 2018 under the General Data Protection Regulation, at

That article also includes a link to the ICO's thoughts on the requirements for consent to be valid under the GDPR, which becomes relevant, because...

To automatically configure your computer to connect to eduroam, use the online Configuration Assistant Tool (available for Windows, OS X, i OS, and Linux).

If you instead wish to manually configure your computer to connect to eduroam, follow the appropriate set of instructions below.

Instead, a pop-up window will open (it may take a moment) telling you that additional information is required.

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