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Almost 2 years have passed since I came close to dying from what would have been the most embarrassing legacy in the history of my family: Cross Fit. My personal life, on the other hand, was quite a mess. Lifting heavy almost every day, consuming pounds of the best grass fed beef the North West had to offer, working from home as a contractor and pretty much living a great lifestyle for performance and what everyone these days is calling “gains.” I felt stronger than I had ever been and was confident in everything I was doing at the time.

Just like the two hours I watched 14 years ago, watching these two hours makes it feel like Chappelle is working toward something.

His story about coming to terms with Kevin Hart’s success is both hilarious and honest, and stacks up against anything from is so clearly worse? Now, I don’t think Chappelle signed a deal for three specials because he desperately wanted million.

Walking away from Comedy Central’s million proved money is not what motivates him.

“Rock and I are watching it and Rock the whole time is going, ‘Don’t look down. The second thing I’ve heard came from a junket interview with Kevin Hart, where he explained why Dave Chappelle is the greatest living comedian: “He takes it so far left and brings it back, in ways you’d never think. None of his punch lines you see coming.” Chappelle, at his best, pushes how far an audience will go with him on a flight of fancy. In the late ’90s, when Chappelle came to prominence in New York, it was the era of killers — comics who went onstage not to be liked or have fun, but to destroy the audience — but Chappelle wanted to have fun. This is at the core of his departure from If one thing is clear in his two Netflix specials, Dave Chappelle is having fun. The best Chappelle stories play out like one-man performed sketches, with him setting things up and then inhabiting different characters as the story progresses. It’s all deeply silly — a characteristic of Chappelle’s material that isn’t mentioned often enough — and fascinating in a “dumb thoughts from a genius” type of way.

There are frequent occurrences of Chappelle’s signature performance tic of saying a punch line, then laughing at it so hard that he lets the mic drop and hit his leg. Chappelle is more confident and the show is tighter, operating around the framing device of the four times Chappelle met O. Chappelle also has an unmatched ability to play with the truth, in that you’ll believe him no matter how far he goes. It is also the first time I’ve seen his late-night-club style caught on film.

But hey, we’ve always been told people perform better with some stress over none.

Who am I kidding, I swim in stress and it’s made me Darth Vader strong.

I also understand that comedy is a safe space for people to indulge negative thoughts.

But that doesn’t mean a joke like this one — or one that suggests that instead of doing away with the term “husband and wife,” a gay couple should just say, “Whichever one of you is gayer, that’s the wife” — are good, fresh jokes.

has a story about when some rappers got him high before a show in Detroit. Chappelle definitely approaches a line here — and potentially crosses it as he expands upon the topic — but it mostly works.

He addresses an article about the show that said he was “booed offstage,” by saying, “I was booed; I did not leave.” It gets worse, “Because not only did I bomb — nigga, I had to go back to the very same room the next night and do it all over again.” He continues, “That would be like if you were having sex with a woman and — for some reason, this would never happen, but for some reason — she had a mousetrap in her pussy. With both bits, he successfully uses his age to argue from a point of experience, instead of just being an old man shaking his fist at change. In both specials, Chappelle’s comfort and irreverence lead him down a path to some truly unfortunate jokes.

My uncle took me to the marina and I spent the day working with a bunch of neighborhood guys and friends who had come to help clean up the Marina.