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Newstalk 106-108 fm brings you the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport.From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming on the Irish airwaves.

Society has become all wrong and is not working for the poor and vulnerable, I do not believe we should be sending so much foreign aid overseas while we have an epidemic here that seems to be being addressed at a snails pace, please help me to understand why we are allowing this to happen.Join the #Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at Newstalk FM I have a number of comments about George Hook and Newstalk on my Blog Irish Salem.The one dated 3 October is a summary and has links to the others.One of the topics I deal with is the argument between Fintan O'Toole and Newstalk Managing Editor Patricia Monahan.We listened to the programme and it was evident to us that George Hook was simply stating the facts as they exist and most certainly did not condone the rape in any way.George Hook is one of the most formidable journalists on air, a decent and a good man, with a high intellect and one who brightens up our day.Nobody said at any point that it was the victims fault, but the simple fact is that there are nasty people out there in the big bad world and we should all be wary for our own good.

The bleeding hearts and artists would love to live in a lovey dovey world, but it doesn't exist, unfortunately.We are all obliged to assess our surroundings from time to time and avoid going where we feel our personal safety is likely to be at risk. The management of Newstalk will show their metal or lack of it in how they face up to or cave in to the bullying tactics of the feminists pressure group.My family and I are totally disappointed and shocked at Newstalk for suspending George Hook.Shame on you Newstalk for bowing to certain social media and vested interests.Freedom of speech should be applauded and not censored.We miss George Hook and will most certainly not support the station until he is reinstated.