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consider them the devil’s best weapon in driving you into insurmountable debt (indeed around 18m people received a default notice on their credit card bill last year), used properly, they could help manage your finances better thanks to interest free periods and balance transfer offers that operate like an interest free loan as long as you play by the rules.

Then it’s all about transferring the balance for as low a fee as possible, usually with the longest window of opportunity to pay it off.3) Cash withdrawal limit: Typically, I would not recommend withdrawing cash from your credit card until and unless its absolutely urgent and necessary.4) Reward points: A good reward point system, where the points do not lapse and can be redeemed against other facilities would be great.Now, it’s all about working out the best credit card deals for your personal circumstances and needs.The best way to do a credit card comparison is to decide what you want from the offer and work backwards.Until recently it was all about the length of time you got to pay it back versus the fee.

If it's time you need, MBNA's 42 month interest free balance transfer deal on its 42 Month Platinum Credit Card offers 39 months interest free to clear the balance you transfer.Some credit cards are even designed to help those with bad credit to improve their credit rating, helping open the door to a whole range of other financial products they may not have otherwise been eligible for.Long gone are the days of simply using a credit card to buy goods and services.Dont try to take a credit limit that is way beyond your means.As times people using credit cards, do loose control of their spending. 2) Interest free period (ranges from 30-45 days)- Longer the interest free period, the better the card would be.As long as the balance is paid off by the end of the period, these cards stack up against the best of the interest free finance or purchase loans you’d find on the high street - from furniture or electrical retailers for example.