Intimidating girl names

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Eliza: Can be prim and proper, but wild when she lets loose.37. Winona: Very beautiful, but steals things even when she doesn’t need to.179. Thinks most guys are beneath her but uses them to get what she wants.180.

We rounded up a bunch of contenders and submitted our votes to create a top 50. These 200 names are the kind of names that belong to hot girls. Amelia: A bit shy and passive, but ethereally beautiful.7. Ada: Classy and reserved, but stunningly beautiful.3. Agnes: Mysterious and exotic; the kind person that everyone wants to get to know.5. She rules over an army as an emotionless, cynical, and cruel ruler.I would like a name that is demonic/biblical and hopefully Hebrew or English, that is unisex or female, that has an intimidating short nickname that also has some sort of biblical or dark meaning.If you're getting too much baby name advice from friends or family, just stop asking for it!

Tell everyone that you'll do the name reveal after the baby is born.

Emmaline: Strong and stands up for what she thinks is right.40. Violet: Has old-fashioned ideas about love and will only date courteous gentlemen.174. Willa: Only dates the most special people, so potential suitors are always trying to impress her.177.

Evelyn: The most beautiful girls anyone has ever seen, plus fun and smart to boot.43. Payton: Means well, but always ends up doing the wrong thing.116. Veronica: Smart and naturally inquisitive, yet also fun and pretty.173. Doesn’t have many friends, but loyal to the ones she does have.176.

For her angel side, she has golden eyes and is named Aurella.

However, at one long point her demon blood is stimulated and she discovers her demonic personality.

Anyone who's taken a shot at creative writing knows how laborious it is to come up with the perfect name for the protagonist.