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I've been using it in India, and I follow some friends who have been using it in Colombia and Norway.In all these locations, there are plenty of existing segments and some serious competitors topping the charts.

The advanced analysis features are critical for anyone who uses Strava in conjunction with third-party fitness trackers, such as heart rate monitors or bike power meters.When you finish a workout, Strava looks at your route and finds legs that other Strava users have also covered.You'll see the segments marked on a map in the app.You see the name of the segment, your all-time placement on the leaderboard (by default, it will rank you among same-sex competitors only), and your time for that leg.Premium members can see leaderboards filtered by other data points, too, such as age group.And while you can't bring your phone in the pool to track swims, you can log them manually in Strava, completing the triathlete's trifecta. One word of caution, though: Most of the information Strava collects, such as your name, profile photo, and mapped routes, are publicly available by default.

For safety reasons, many users will want to make this data private.Strava's Hook Whether you use the Premium or free version of Strava, the app still has a unique hook.The app uses the phone's GPS to map your route and track your speed.Detailed race-training plans are also available, if you're working up to running a marathon or other race.You'll need to visit the Strava website to find those training plans and customize them, as they aren't available from the mobile app.That's one feature that I feel should be included with the free tier of service, but it's not.