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We go to the drugstore, buy you an aspirin and heart drops for Julio.

The capsule is not reusable and many people do not realize they have passed the capsule when it is eventually excreted with waste.

Detailed dietary instructions are given to the patient prior to this procedure.

This small capsule, swallowed by the patient, contains a camera.

As it flows through the digestive system, it takes two pictures per second.

It all morning complained of pain under the left shoulder blade, and I really glad that fortune finally smiled at me.

Tracy is terrified of her recoiled, and Louise burst into laughter. Do not pay any attention to it I have this way of communicating.

Sensors worn on the patient's abdomen transmit information to a recorder which is worn around the waist.

Whats App wants to be international cross-platform Face Time.

Traditional endoscopes only reach the first three to six feet of the small bowel.

With this technology, doctors can view distant intestinal bleeding.

Video Capsule Endoscopy is a non-invasive procedure where a computerized capsule is used to view the entire length of the small intestine.