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Only women with body image issues ask those questions.

Not knowing if you will have a big kill or no kill is irresistible for the brain’s reward system.

However, men need to feel like their woman sees them as a big “manly man.” I am a feminist, because there can be no free men until women are free.

However, blurred gender roles are one of the prices of the feminism.

Generally, there are seven categorical reasons some women have difficulties finding and keeping boyfriends.

These reasons have evolutionary and biological roots that divide the sexes in behavioral proclivities.

For example, diamond jewelry is expensive, whereas cubit zirconium (CZ) jewelry is cheap.

Yet, a CZ has all the qualities that attracted to humans to using diamonds for jewelry.

Both of those lead to some woman sitting on a barstool saying, “I’d like a strong drink of hard liquor, and nothing with a man’s name.” Note: Making a man feel manly is not the same as assigning him all of the yucky domestic tasks.

Talking About Other Men Repeatedly mentioning other men will prevent or destroy a relationship.

Thus, an easily acquirable female represents more threat than control, and the brain will run from that scenario every day, all day long.

I often hear women use the phrase, “land a man.” Men are not marlins or Cessna’s; you do not need to land them. you just need to point them towards the runway and make them circle the tower until they are so low on fuel, they are begging to land. When they find out who you really are, and what you really like, they lose respect for you and resent being deceived.

That message is: people grow lonelier and more disenfranchised every day. The challenge is, men and women of today, are not the men and women of yesteryear, but instincts remain the same.

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