Maria murphy dating

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Maria murphy dating

Black Line was so early into the market that the product description it coined, "continuous accounting," is now used by established enterprise-software giants, including Black Line partner SAP.What the term actually means: Tucker's software-as-a-service won't crunch your numbers, but it will pull in the data through programs that do--letting you see exactly what's affecting those numbers, at any time and from anywhere, rather than making you wait for your accountant to email you the latest month's Excel spreadsheets.

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Among growth-minded female founders, the numbers are worse: While roughly 30 percent of all small businesses are woman-owned, only 10 percent of the Inc.

And in August, Google fired a 28-year-old male engineer for a memo claiming that women are less biologically suited to computer programming than men.

"Tech is male-run," says Tucker, who studied computer programming in the early 1980s.

"It was like, 'You're kidding--people will pay me to actually sit and make a list of instructions for the computer to execute?

That's super cool.'" Still, she had to face down male professors telling her she wasn't cut out for programming.

After the deal priced, as they ushered the hoodie-clad founder and the besuited CFO into an elevator, the bankers ran into a senior Goldman guy: "Hey, you should meet the CEO of Black Line.

They're raising 5 million." The executive looked right past Therese Tucker, in her black hoodie and flower-printed blue jeans and pastel-pink hair, and directed his praise to her male finance chief: "Great job." Tucker is laughing about this a few minutes later, humor loud and infectious, ethereal hair swinging along."I'll be ready to retire once everybody does it my way." Seventeen years ago, a seed of that ambition is what started Black Line.Divorced, parenting two small children, and burnt out after leaving her job at software company Sun Gard, Tucker decided to return to what had made her happy--if broke--soon after college: starting her own programming business."I kept thinking, 'I know this could be a great career, if I can just get through this program,' but it was not welcoming toward women." Since then, she has faced all of the now-familiar affronts, from the college professors telling her she was expected to fail to groping male bosses to investors assuming that she couldn't finance her own company without support from a husband.Tucker resembles a stereotypical tech founder, with her direct, sometimes impatient questions.The Los Angeles company, which had 3 million in 2016 revenue and went public a year ago, has seen its stock outperform that of buzzier recent tech IPOs, including Nutanix's and Snap's. After cashing out her retirement savings to fund her startup, she came perilously close to failing with its first product, then pivoted her way out and spent several white-knuckle years trying to persuade big corporations to buy her technology.

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