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This piece, while miles away from the music Schneider will release shortly, has something in common with all of her best work: it speaks to her ability to brilliantly tap into a wide spectrum of colors and timbres in her gorgeous musical paintings. Personnel: Steve Wilson, reeds; Dave Pietro: reeds; Rich Perry: reeds; Donny Mc Caslin: reeds; Scott Robinson: reeds; Tony Kadleck: trumpet; Greg Gisbert: trumpet; Augie Haas: trumpet; Mike Rodriguez: trumpet; Keith O'Quinn,: trombone Ryan Keberle: trombone; Marshall Gilkes: trombone George Flynn: bass trombone; Romero Lubambo: guitar; Lage Lund: guitar; Frank Kimbrough: piano; Rogerio Boccato: percussion; Clarence Penn: drums; Jay Anderson: bass; Toots Thielemans: harmonica; Ivan Lins: vocals.

Earlier this year, she won five citations from the Jazz Journalists Association and topped three categories in the Down Beat Critics Poll: Big Band, Composer and Arranger.The system effectively reduces the value of their life’s work to levels that make it impossible for many musicians to make a living, Schneider says.As she wrote in her comments to the Copyright Office, “Congress never intended for the concept of a ‘safe harbor’ to undermine the very future of music.Schneider testified on behalf of musicians in 2014 before the House Judiciary Committee, which has been conducting a comprehensive review of U. Under the DMCA’s “notice and takedown” provisions, artists and record labels are responsible for monitoring copyright infringement of their works across the Internet, a burden too great for most artists.It is often described as an impossible game of “whack-a-mole,” as new uploaded videos and MP3s appear faster than artists can identify and report them.Goliath fight to get fair compensation for music creators and end what she calls the “culture of piracy.” That culture, Schneider asserts, has been fostered largely by Google and the phenomenal success of You Tube, which Google acquired in 2006.

She believes that You Tube’s come-one, come-all video bazaar—which makes much of the world’s music available for free—has made it impossible for artists to sell their works for anything close to their true market value.

He works his breezy magic over the rich harmonies of the band and mingles pleasantly with Lins' soothing voice.

Other guests include , who adds low-key guitar work to this mellow Brazilian beauty.

Now I’m so wrapped up in the fight with You Tube and the other music streamers ...

well, I don’t want to say that I’m obsessed, but it’s taking over my life, in a way.

Now she has capped a banner year by winning three categories in the Down Beat Readers Poll: Jazz Album (for ), Composer and Arranger.