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With a new wife and baby, Dirty Harry is ready to come clean.In a frank interview, Clint Eastwood talks about his off-screen demons, his battles with former lover Sondra Locke, and his life in politics Clint Eastwood has a flaw.

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In 1964, Eastwood was unaware that Roxanne Tunis had given birth to his daughter that June.

His family moved eight times during his childhood, towing their belongings in a two-wheeled cart behind the car as Eastwood's father changed jobs.

By Eastwood's high-school years, his dad had climbed the corporate ladder at the Container Corporation of America, and the family had a house with a swimming pool, as well as a vacation home.

As the only active Secret Service agent to lose a President in In the Line of Fire; as the itinerant photographer in The Bridges of Madison County; and as Luther in Absolute Power he plays men with estranged wives who are trying to correct past mistakes.

Now, sitting in the ranch's Bunkhouse cottage, Eastwood is fit and dressed like the average Joe, in a black windbreaker, rubber-soled shoes, and socks too short to hide his ankles when he props his feet on the table.

In addition to Kimber, Eastwood has two children from his 25-year marriage to his first wife, Maggie: Kyle, 28, a jazz musician who played with the band in The Bridges of Madison County; and Alison, 24, a model who portrayed Eastwood's daughter in Tightrope.

He also has a 10-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl from an affair with a former flight attendant named Jacelyn Reeves.In 1992, Castle Rock cast Eastwood as the lead in In the Line of Fire, when he was on a box-office cold streak before Unforgiven was released.Now Castle Rock, which hasn't had a true hit since In the Line of Fire, is counting on Eastwood.The scene of the crime is sanitised by Secret Service agents, but Luther ends up with a piece of evidence that can implicate the Commander- in-Chief.Thus, in a theme that seems resonant for Eastwood, a man with a less than squeaky clean past ends up with more power than the President of the United States.The day before I met Eastwood in Carmel, California, at the Mission Ranch, his beautiful, historic seaside property with guest bungalows, restaurant and tennis club, he put the finishing touches to his forty-third film, Absolute Power, a political thriller based on the best-selling novel by David Baldacci.

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