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I m not a model, i m not a a totally normal girl.i might not be super smart, and i don't think i m super pretty.i don't have tattoos or fake tits.

Retrospectives of the time in which it was popular will either point to it as a symbol of everything wrong with that time period's taste in music, television, cinema, fashion, literature, etc., or quietly skip over it and pretend it never happened.

It was overexposed until people got bored with it, and it got so much publicity and so many bad imitators that there was plenty of time to notice each and every flaw and dissect them under a microscope.

Soon, small insignificant flaws become regarded as unavoidable and unforgivable sins.

Compare Overshadowed by Controversy, where uproar sparked by or around a work is more well-known than the work itself.

Not to be confused with Deader Than Dead, which is a completely different trope, or Gratuitous Disco Sequence, which is actually about disco.

But at some point, it somehow just got too popular.

It was talked about on chat room (not that they'd been invented then...).

(remember, at when you respond, you do NOT have to leave your name, email or link to your blog…

This is something — an individual work, a creator/performer/artist, an entire genre — that was very, very popular in its day.

i can t explain how much i love and appreciate the support.every single tip makes me smile.i really am amazed how nice and kind u guys are to me.

i ve been here for a while now,and i have met such nice people..s really amazing!!

This is essentially Hype Backlash after something faded from popularity with the haters still remaining.

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