Mysql not updating classic asp

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Mysql not updating classic asp - Arab tube szex

You are currently viewing the Classic ASP Databases section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.I have searched everywhere for this and cannot find an answer that will work. Try for the link containig the ID of the record you want to delete "style="font-family: Arial; color: #003366" 0 then response.redirect "supporterror.asp?

mysql not updating classic asp-39

Dim MYSQL Dim rs1 set conn1 = server.createobject("adodb.connection") conn1"provider = oledb.12.0;data source = C:\Users\nam2611\Documents\My Web Sites\Web Site1\Database3.accdb" set rs1 = server.createobject("ADODB. Fields("C_adress_1") = Request.form("adress1") rs1. Fields("C_adress_2") = Request.form("adress2") rs1. Fields("C_post_code") = Request.form("Postcode") rs1. ' Create db connection Function db Conn() Set obj Conn = Server. A function that just accepts an sql string and returns data is a known anti-pattern. The reason is that it forces use to use string concatenation to substitute data into your queries... Open "driver=x; Server=x; Port=x; Option=x; Database=x; Uid=x; Pwd=x" Set db Conn = obj Conn End Function ' Store data in array Function SQL(my Command,str SQL) Set obj Conn = db Conn() If my Command = 0 Then Set obj RS = obj Conn. Execute(str SQL,,128) End If Set obj RS = Nothing : Set obj Conn = Nothing End Function Not being a smart ass here, but you really should pick up a book on ASP. NET MVC; It's very different from classic ASP, and you can't get by just fumbling with asking questions every time you hit a confusing concept, because it will happen constantly. We have invested in our internet and e-business capabilities and we are now in a position to drive key elements of our enterprise solutions and services through e-Commerce initiatives, which will further position WDC as a leader in the delivery of leading-edge IT skills. The initial training will be provided in Bangalore only and not in any other locations. P-517506 Languages known : Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada. E..(Insrtumentation) 14A, Jyot Housing society, Mob. No: 09823377304 Lokmanya Colony, Near kinara [email protected] Hotel, Poud road, kothrud, Pune-38. # Mini Project 2 Title : Share Market Period : 3 Months Team Size : 1 Software Used : Visual Basic 6.0, M. Languages Known : • English (Read, Write, Speak) • Bengali (Read, Write, Speak) • Hindi (Read, Write, Speak) Objective : Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in a successful industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful,innovative and flexible. Extra-curricular activities : • Singing and playing different musical instruments. An excellent opportunity for Fresh Graduate Engineers willing to upgrade themselves and become a Certified SIEBEL Programmer. On successful completion of the training, you will be absorbed into the payrolls of WDC and would be deployed in world-class projects with IBM India Pvt. Location of Training Bangalore Eligibility : 1) Experience: Fresh College Hires (0 -12 months exp.) 2) Education Qualification : BE/ BTech/ MTech (Pref. DECLARATION I solemnly declare that all the above particulars are true, correct & complete to the best Of my knowledge and belief. Career Objective Seeking a challenging position in the area of Software Testing in a Professional Organization, where my skills and my education background can add value to the growth of the organization and allow development of my skills to organization potential in the field of Testing. S-Access2000 Description : This Project deals to calculate shareholder information with in Reports.# Project PG Title : MIS For data lab Period : 3 Months Team Size : 1 Software Used : C#. Educational Qualifications : Pursuing B-Tech in Electronics and Communication Dept. Exam Institute Board/University SGPA/% marks Year of passing B. • Sport activities specially cricket and teble-tennis. Hobbies : Gardening, exploring new and innovative things, interacting with people, watching TV. Updating to a My SQL database works fine if we use their HTML equivalents but it fails if the character itself is used (copied from either character map or Word I would assume). The character in question in this case is ø - and we can't seem to do a replace on it (in ASP at least) as the character comes though to the SQL string as a "? Most likely, you're using ISO-8859-1 on your site, but My SQL thinks it should be getting UTF-8. The simplest way is probably to run the query "SET NAMES latin1" when connecting to the database (assuming that's the character set you need).

Being a fan of Unicode, I'd suggest switching over to UTF-8 entirely, but I realize that this is not always a feasible option. Open "DRIVER=; SERVER=localhost; UID=xxxx; PWD=xxxx; DATABASE=xxxx; OPTION=3;" Sqltemp = "INSERT INTO rsvptable (fname, lname, fbid, rsvp, streetaddress, city, state, zip, streetaddress2, cellphone, acode) " & _ "VALUES ('" & first Name & "', '" & last Name & "', " & fb & ", 0, '" & address1 & "', '" & city & "', '" & str State & "', " & zip & ", '" & address2 & "', " & cell & ", " & returned Nums & ")" set new Add = o Connection.execute(Sqltemp) if new Add.relation = Uid // This will give me 18439 wcview and ccview is 1 // I have tested this query1 = "update products set wcview = " & wc View &",ccview = " & cc View &" where pcprod_parent Prd = "& p Id Product &" AND pcprod_relationship like '%"& relation &"%'" The same query is working when LIKE filter in the where clause returns only 1 row so its updating one row, but same when Like filters more than one row it is not updating from classic asp. Get Rows Else arr RS = Null Else Set obj RS = obj Conn. NET supports almost everything ASP classic and vbscript could do. in other words, it creates sql injection security issues, and that's a big deal... Update – If you are looking for entry-level jobs in IBM please visit below official page of IBM and search for latest jobs for “Engineering graduates” and “Management Graduates”: Freshers Jobs at IBMIf you are looking for Internship in IBM check out the Internship details on below page: Internships at IBM————————Forwarded message: WDC Is Hiring B. Tech / MCA Freshers for IBMHaving found its base in 1998 and headquartered in Kolkata, Web Development Company Limited (WDC) offers a wide range of Internet solutions and recruitment related services in India, Asia Pacific Region and major parts of Europe. Academic Profile: Master of Computer Applications 2004-2007 Percentage : 80% – Distinction. Bachelor of Computer Science 2001-2004 Percentage : 76% – First Class. S-Access2000 Description : This project manages the entire campus activities.

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