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The president of the commission is Dick Pound, the IOC member who first established WADA, and Professor Mc Laren is one of the accredited arbitrators at the other not-so-independent Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Its officials will waltz into Rio, striding the IOC's red carpet and all under the guise of integrity.

Clearly, there is no suggestion that the entire movement is rotten, but if the FIFA case is any guide, how could we know just how deep the rot is?

The "we had no idea" defence won't wash with Russia, so why does it wash for the IAAF and its new president, former athletics golden boy, Lord Sebastian Coe?

The scam was revealed by German television station ARD in December 2014. In the 320 pages, there is much to consider, many issues identified and punishments recommended.

Now the commission has told the world of sport what it already knew, what ARD had already substantiated. But the most concrete suggestion is this: The rest: wait and see.

Factors considered include whether it was possible and reasonable for the ISP to detect the data and to delete or block it, as there are many ISPs in Germany that offer large storage capacities for commercial purposes. ISPs "take down” images of child pornography when notified of them by IWF.

The United Kingdom operates a voluntary "notice and takedown” procedure overseen by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF),an independent industry funded body, endorsed by the police and government. Failure to do so could make them liable to prosecution.

We are constantly told that winning isn't everything. Just listen to Australian race walker and Olympic silver medallist, Jared Tallent.

Today he wants to know when he might receive his gold medal from the disgraced Russian who beat him. And sports organisations have shown they will do whatever it takes, and cover their tracks.

Russia might be suspended as a result of this doping scandal, but not the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Its officials will waltz into Rio, striding the IOC's red carpet and all under the guise of integrity, writes Tracey Holmes.

Two words appear often and mean little in the world of sport: integrity and independence.