Online dating teachers

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“Why couldn’t the same concept work with teachers and schools?

Psycho killer Carl Langdell was jailed Friday for a minimum of 26 years after confessing to murdering a young teacher he met on an online dating site.

That’s the only reliable predictor of a satisfying, long-lasting relationship.” According to dating survey found that male bankers are attracted to female teachers and doctors.

The lowest compatibility career match-ups included retired men paired with nurses and administrative assistants, and artists and doctors paired with students.

“One thing we learned—and this is advice for any education entrepreneurs starting out—is that we finally got the big districts to respond to us by offering pilot programs on a smaller scale with a small portion of their schools.

Once they saw success with the program there, they opened their doors to the rest of the district.” Soon, the company’s success in the Midwest led to interest from Teachers-Teachers in merging its recruiting platform with My Ed Match’s technology. “We’re very happy with the merger so far," she says.

"Since we’ve joined up with Teachers-Teachers the company has grown by more than 30 percent revenue and new teacher users and engagement is up 300 percent.

As the founder, to see this scale and impact is hard to believe.” Teachers can subscribe to My Ed Match at no charge.Various studies have found that older adults are the fastest growing segment of online-dating services. So if you're looking for love, this can be an ideal option.Alicia Herald (Los Angeles ’05) has viewed the challenges facing teachers and school administrators through various facets of the educational prism.As a teacher, school board member, and founding executive director of Teach For America–Kansas City, she invested a lot of time grappling with one such issue, teacher turnover.“I saw so many schools that were struggling to find the type of teachers they wanted, and at the same time, I had so many teacher friends who were trying to find a school that would be the right fit for them,” she says.The dating study claims to have been responsible for approximately 100,000 per year.