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I have summarised some of the key principles of the book in Table 1 below.

The ‘topple rate’ – the rate at which big companies lose their leadership position – has more than doubled over the past 40 years, according to industry observers John Seely Brown and John Hagel. We became “labour” because they stamped us “You are labour”.

The key is to manage your career as if it were a startup business: a living, breathing, growing startup of you. We must act as CEO of our careers, take control of our professional future, and become globally competitive,” the authors say. We forgot that we are entrepreneurs.” Startups and nimble entrepreneurs have lots of lessons for everyone through their habits and attitudes: they invest in themselves, build their professional networks, take intelligent risks, and even make uncertainty and volatility work to their advantage.

The book begins with a powerful quote by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus: “All human beings are entrepreneurs. Reid Hoffman is co-founder of Linked In and a partner at Greylock.

Gmail launched in 2004 but left official beta only in 2009.

“Permanent beta is essentially a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth.

His prior angel investing Facebook, Flickr, Last.fm, and Zynga.

Reid also serves on the boards of Kiva.org, Endeavor.org, Do Something.org, and Startup America

There is an online companion and a Twitter handle as well.

The most useful chapters are on creating networks and tapping them for regular and strategic activities, and much more material on the dynamics and analytics of online business networking would have helped, including identifying emerging trends and research areas.

by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha7 chapters, 260 pages2012 Randhom House / Crown Business (Amazon)“All humans are entrepreneurs” is the key thrust of this practical book, which goes on to provide useful lessons to readers for thriving in their jobs and building careers by applying the lessons of Silicon Valley’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

The book joins a range of others with the message of “learn, pivot, iterate” (see my list of Top 10 Books of 2012 for Entrepreneurs).

He serves on the boards of Airbnb, Edmodo, Mozilla (Firefox), Shopkick, Swipely, Wrapp and Zynga.