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Everyone in attendance knows they are witnessing one of rock's consummate songwriters -- perhaps the single greatest harbinger of modern pop -- revisit some of the most transcendent tunes ever penned. R.," "Let It Be," "Live and Let Die," "Hey Jude," and "Yesterday." Is there a more significant 15 minutes of live music left to be heard on this planet?

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7, 2016: it was a fair balance of Beatles staples, Wings cuts and solo stuff, but the staging in the arena was a little different.But when the landlord is Paul Mc Cartney and the farm is on the Mull of Kintyre, a remote part of Britain he once loved as a family hideaway and then made famous musically in one of his biggest hits, people around the world take notice — and wonder why this might be happening.High Park Farm was the first home Paul and Linda created together.There was no intermission, only a smartly drawn set playbook to keep the aging singer fresh; after a pair of bluesy guitar jams on "Let Me Roll It" and "I've Got A Feeling," Mc Cartney sat at his baby grand piano for the softer "My Valentine" (written for current wife Nancy) and "Maybe I'm Amazed" (written for late wife Linda).A tight four-piece band played along, each member singing back-up to boost the vocals.Then, in 1998, Linda died, and the visits to High Park Farm became fewer.

In his solitude, the memories of a family starting out 30 years earlier in this place of romantic isolation would have both comforted him and lanced the pain of his loss.

Speaking about his country life, he once told me: ‘I do all the things everybody else does.

The only difference is I’m more famous and richer than they are.’ And, like all of us, it seems to me that Paul is moving on, as he has to, as we all have to — though it isn’t easy.

A rising platform that ascended two stories high while Mc Cartney strummed "Blackbird" and "Here Today," the latter written for John Lennon in 1982, with "a conversation we never got to have." Perhaps the most marked change between the Met Life and Prudential shows was the venue size; an arena isn't exactly intimate but it felt like an old Liverpool parlor compared to the enormity of a football stadium. Per the "One-on-One" tour moniker Mc Cartney was candid and quick with a story, telling tales of how he became the first rock artist to play the Red Square in Cold War-era Russia, and government officials told him they learned English through the band's records, or when the group first entered the Abbey Road studio to record with George Martin, a young Paul was petrified to sing the lead chorus.

"I can still hear the terror in my voice," he joked. " It was a light, sing-along sort of night, the "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da's" and "na-na-na-na's" of "Hey Jude" ringing out with joy.

But Monday night at Prudential Center felt particularly momentous; it was Sept.

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