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To register & find out more information please call the Boys & Girls Club of Nampa at 208.461.7203.The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa Teen Center is a drop-in program.

Our operating hours for our after school program are: Mon – Thurs: pm – pm Friday: pm – pm Monday through Thursday: am – pm Friday: am – pm Please see our calendar for closure days as well as full days.("Do you ever accidentally make eye contact with the people stopped next to you at a red light? ") Don't worry about silences — you can always default to talking about what's playing on his i Pod.Since he picked the music, he'll have stuff to say about it. Accepting, declining and changing one’s mind Yes: “Thank you, I would love to be your date for the prom.” No: “No thank you, but thanks for thinking of me.” A no should be clear, without excuses. You must get out of your car or limo, ring the doorbell and meet the parents. Meeting the date’s family and conversing Even in our digital era, punctuality is a must. If you are picking up your date, you cannot text or honk to indicate that you are in the driveway. I’ll see you there.” Changing one’s mind because of a better offer is not acceptable. The tuxedo was born at the First Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Club, just outside of New York, in 1886 when the young Lorillard son, of the wealthy tobacco family, wore a self-designed formal black tailless jacket. To achieve harmony in colours, a swatch may be provided to the date. Wearing a corsage, a boutonnière or your cellphone A boutonnière or a corsage is worn on the left, close to the heart.

If they insist: “Thanks for thinking of me but I don’t think I’m the best person for you.” No, when going with a group: “Thank you for thinking of me but I’ve already decided to make it a girls’ night out. Proper introductions are made by introducing your date to your parents: “Dad, I’d like you to meet John Jones, my date for the prom. Just like you, he was a linebacker on his school’s team.” When introduced, make sure to stand, smile, make eye contact, shake hands and say: “Nice to meet you.” Continue the conversation by talking about summer plans, current movies or favourite sports teams. Decoding dress codes Formal: Tuxedo and long dress. Styles should be discussed ahead to avoid surprises: they range from rock ‘n’ roll eclectic to movie star glamour.All memberships are renewed each January and a parent must attend an orientation every January.Please contact us to find out when the next orientation will be held. To avoid embarrassment, communicate and plan early. Emailing and texting for a prom date are never appropriate. But make sure to let others also enjoy their moment. The couple then discusses the transportation payment. No, not the car, but B; your Bread plate is on your left, M; your Meal plate is in the middle and W; your Water or Wine is on your right. Gentlemen, not sure about opening doors or pushing a chair in for the ladies, ask: “May I open the door for you? Taking selfless, tagging and posting Yes, this is a once in a lifetime moment, you want to immortalize it and you should.The summer program includes a wide array of options for the members that attend.

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