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But most of us want to know if our child hit someone, bit someone, intentionally broke something, or had a major meltdown. Disciplining is always reserved for the behaviorally challenged kid's parents.If that's the case, diplomatically say: "It was great, but we just had a little incident...." Then give the other parent a brief explanation of what happened. Speaking of naughty kids, is it okay for me to give a visitor a time-out? If there's a tussle, though, you can get involved with a simple statement like, "Hands to yourself.

We asked Melissa Leonard, a certified etiquette consultant in Harrison, New York, to give advice on these common predicaments. That kid was a brat, and I don't want him to come back. If you're ready to give up, avoid making future plans by saying something like, "Our schedule is crazy at the moment. " If you say that enough, all but the most socially inept person will get the message. Should I report a little guest's bad behavior at pickup time? Nobody likes a tattletale, so let the small stuff go.The smaller the child, the shorter the playdate should be.An hour is ideal for babies and toddlers, but most preschoolers can easily handle two to three.Are you looking for a new best friend for your child?Did you just move and wish you knew other like-minded parents? Just register with us, and create a member profile, where you describe your child and yourself. We have a house rule against hitting." If that doesn't calm things down, create a diversion as in: "It's snacktime, everyone!

"Originally published in the February 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

For both hosts and guests, get your protocol down pat.

They're also one of the key ways your child learns how to get along with others.

There are some exceptions: Babies really don't play together anyway -- it's usually about parents -- so more can be merrier.

As the kids get older (after about age 4) they can usually handle a few more friends in the fray.

Have the children kick off their shoes, then crank up the tunes. For toddlers, hide plastic blocks, tennis balls, or mini stuffed animals in a room and give helpful clues.

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