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To begin, double-click the file you downloaded (see the link at the end of this article).On the Select Additional Tasks screen, you can select the Create a desktop icon check box to put a shortcut to Rocket Dock on the desktop.

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Anyways, following these pull-ups, you do what are called “Super Skaters.” This move is easy and is actually pretty darn fun to do – it keeps your heart rate up as well.Rocket Dock is an application launcher for Windows modeled after the Mac OS X launch toolbar.It’s a dock that sits along an edge of your screen and contains a collection of shortcuts that expand when you hover over them and launch programs when clicked.I was able to do 16 of these and it was pretty darn tough.If you have not worked out your legs in awhile, these may be pretty tough.The Screen Position item displays additional options so you can choose to which part of the screen you would like to anchor the dock (top, bottom, left, or right edges).

The Lock Items option locks the dock so the items cannot be accidentally removed or edited.

We’ll also show you how to install and setup a docklet, using the Stacks docklet as an example.

The Ready to Install screen displays with a summary of the settings you selected.

It is very challenging, and today I was only able to do 9 reps on my first run through (e.g.2 pull-ups, 2 chin-ups, 2 pull-ups, 2 chin-ups, 1 pull-up).

If you want a challenge, add some 20 pound weights in each hand and you will feel the burn – you do 25 reps and that’s just your first move!

Once the installation is done, the Completing the Rocket Dock Setup Wizard screen displays.

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