Prayer for dating

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Those prayers shouldn’t be tacked on to the end of our “real” needs. Prayer should be prioritized and scheduled, but the beauty of our newfound freedom and mercy in Christ is that prayer can happen anywhere. When I say “prayer circles,” I’m not talking about circles of people that pray in a group, but concentric circles of people in your life.

We will not do anything of any real and lasting value without God, which means we will not do anything of any real and lasting value without prayer.

But if we take that mentality into prayer, we may only ever pray for physical or circumstantial needs. ” It felt awkward the first time, but I learned an important lesson.

Physical needs are important, but they pale in comparison to our spiritual-emotional and eternal needs. At the end of each day, what matters most happens at the spiritual and emotional level, not the physical and circumstantial. At the end, I asked him if he would pray for something I had shared with him, assuming he would just take that request home with him. One way to ensure you for someone and their need is to pray right there in the moment.

They’re just meant to keep the consistent people in our life consistently before us in prayer.

If prayer is the most important thing we can do for someone, shouldn’t we structure our schedules to do that for the most important people in our lives? And be willing to pray for someone or something that doesn’t quite fit.

If I don’t, I start to think about people close to me that do.

“Pray for my co-worker whose dad passed away last week.” Or, “Pray for my grandmother who’s back in the hospital, again.” It’s not wrong by any means (we be praying for these things, and asking others to pray, too).But our lives are fueled by prayer, so we shouldn’t leave it up to spontaneity (we wouldn’t do that with fuel for our cars).Pick a consistent time and place when you can be alone.Paul says, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians ). That reality should be lived out in our prayer lives. Take it as the prompting of the Spirit (Satan certainly won’t encourage you to pray). It only takes a minute or two, and more than meeting a need, it draws you both Godward in the middle of a day.Does that mean we will never have to worry about or spend time on our physical needs — food, work, cancer? We should spend as much time praying for our souls, for the salvation of our loved ones, for the spread of the gospel, and for the establishment of God’s glory and his kingdom as we pray about anything. It can be a brief and unexpected (and needed) meeting with the Almighty. It’s a simple question, but it can be tough to answer. Prayer doesn’t fit into an Excel sheet quite as easily.