Rachel evan wood dating alexander skarsgard

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Rachel evan wood dating alexander skarsgard

series of novels, first lays eyes on the chiseled, naked body of Eric Northman, she remarks, “if there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down—or cheeks up.”On the hit HBO series True Blood, adapted from Harris’s books, Northman, a vainglorious Viking-cum-vampire, is played with great panache—and frequent nakedness—by Alexander Skarsgard, a blond, 6-foot-4 actor whose slight bags under his eyes only seem to augment his power to “glamour,” or hypnotize.

If a woman can charge his mental batteries with riveting conversation that stops him dead in his tracks, then that is the woman for him.“I was Sweden’s sexiest man once and then my son comes and becomes it five times in a row just to show Daddy.”Now, after melting the hearts of women—and some men—on HBO’s flagship show, the aesthetically pleasing younger Skarsgard is angling into more serious fare, starring alongside his father in celebrated Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier’s , in theaters Friday.Set during and moments after Justine’s (Kirsten Dunst) wedding, the movie centers on two sisters—the depressed Justine and distraught Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg)—who struggle to grasp each other’s peculiarities, all while the Earth is about to collide with a new planet.I think maybe it’s just because I can’t believe Alexa Chung hasn’t moved on him yet.Andy Tongren is totally Alexa Chung target material. For Evan though, since breaking up with Jamie Bell, it would be her third hookup, if you can believe that what she had with Michael Thomas Grant was actually more than friendship.Since Sweden only had a handful of TV channels then, Skarsgard became a local sensation—and hated it.“You want a cute girl in school to look at you because you’re cool or cute, but it made me paranoid because suddenly I just assumed that everybody looked at me because they recognized me from television and I didn’t like it,” said Skarsgard.

“So I quit television and acting for eight years.”When Skarsgard was 19 he applied to do his national service, and became team leader of a group of four men in the Royal Swedish Navy stationed on the archipelago for 18 months.No, he’s not the most romantic, but he’s definitely loyal.What he lacks in excitement, he makes for in service, as he is the man that would like to be a tad pussy-whipped.No, this is the guy that is all about love in the traditional sense and having relationships in a super-efficient way.He wants a partnership that works as a team for all the conventional aspects of life—a woman to go to the movies with, someone to come home to, discuss world issues with, etc.He has a no-nonsense approach to life and in love — if he were a fashion style, he would be straight-up utilitarian.

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