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Their use ranges from gasoline to power motor vehicles to substances such as lead and mercury used in the manufacture of electronic products.1.3 If the movement of dangerous products is not handled correctly or accidents occur, it can result in injury or death.

Industries that manufacture, ship, and use dangerous products provide jobs to Canadians.

Industries that manufacture and use dangerous products provide jobs to Canadians.

While major spills and releases involving dangerous products are rare, they can have significant consequences for Canadians’ health, the economy, and the natural environment.

According to Transport Canada, there are tens of millions of dangerous product shipments each year.

By tonnage, these products are transported by road (45 percent), rail (39 percent), ship (15 percent), and air (less than 1 percent).

Consequently, our conclusions cannot and do not pertain to any practices that regulated organizations followed.

Audit work for this chapter was completed on 30 June 2011.

In 2008, the value of chemical product shipments was approximately billion.

In 2009, the value of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas shipped by pipeline was approximately billion.

1.1 Dangerous products play a key part in Canada’s economy.

Products classified by the federal government as dangerous range from products like gas and oil that are consumed or exported to products used by industry, such as natural gas in the plastics industry, explosives in the mining and construction industries, and sulphuric acid and lithium in the manufacture of batteries.

While the Office may comment on policy implementation in a performance audit, it does not comment on the merits of a policy.