Ron ng and ella koon dating

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Ron ng and ella koon dating

If they insist that nothing is going on over and over again..move onwards. This really drives HK celebs up the walls and around the corner!! it's really bad to hear that the 'broke up'... but i think the reporters should have to let them alone... That's the problem admitting to the relationship? if there's evidence might as well admit it instead of lying.

Although Ella has denied their relationship in the past even with photographic evidence, she finally broke under the media attention yesterday and admitted that she had been to Ron's place, but just to collect her own things and from now on, apart from working engagements, she will not see him again on a personal level.I mean, Ella has had enough, with the guy who kissed her and then losing her cellphone.I think its just to much for her to handle now they're accusing them of dating. Why would her stuff be at Ron's apartment in the first place if they were only "friends"? Ella's been having a lot of pressure lately, after being assulted by that crazy fan.. The reporters should just give them their own privacy and let them deal with their own problems. they would make a very cute couple but if the media keeps invading their privacy then they would never be together.Asked if she was dating Ron, she denied this, saying: "We have never talked about dating, so how could we call this a split?We were just good friends." The reports suggest that she was staying over at Ron's home for two nights, but she says that she was just there to collect her things. ) Yes." After the reports broke, Ella passed on a voice message to Ron about it.As for the suggestions she went out without a top on does she mind about this? Ella also says that a lot has happened to her this year, such as losing her phone and being assaulted by a crazy fan, but she has had to face everything by herself and she feels very disheartened: "Every time it is up to me to deal with it and for the modern woman, we should depend on ourselves. ) After so much has happened, I get through it alone, don't you think so?

She says with resignation: "It's not whether I mind or not, you can see I had clothes on in the picture." So what is her relationship with Ron? So it is enough." they should just leave them alone!!!

It's such a shame when the press ruin, not only relationships, but friendships too.

I'm sure that article twisted her words in some way or another, but even if they were dating, sure sounds over now. i think she just admitted that she and ron had dated.

I always speculated that they did date at one point in time, but I wasn't sure if they would continue their 'underground' romance.

But now that she's admitted to going over to his place and picking up her stuff, maybe they really did go out.

After filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" two years ago, Ella Koon and Ron Ng have been linked and rumoured to have been dating since, but they have always denied this, with Ella announcing just last week that she is single and concentrating on her career at the moment.