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writers reunited Saturday at the ATX Television Festival in Austin for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the events in Capeside, including why Joey ultimately wound up with Pacey and more.The ATX Television Festival, now in its fourth year, has become known for its reunions.

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The network and studio eventually hired a showrunner to work over self-professed "baby" writer Williamson, but ultimately it didn't last more than a few weeks. As for story points that they're most proud of, Fatore pointed to season three's Thanksgiving episode, which she called a real low point."I thought every writer on staff was laughing at me because I'd been rewritten," Thomas said.Added Williamson: "I didn't know what I was doing, either! The Joey-Dawson kiss in the season one finale was done because Williamson wanted to defy all the standard teen shows at the time.On the flipside, the 20th episode of the season — the style hour in which Dawson finds out that Joey and Pacey are together — stands out. Bicks pointed to Jack's (Kerr Smith) coming out storyline in season two, with Williamson and Plec noting that at the time, the show needed to expand the universe."Every single character is sort of my personality," Williamson said, noting he's both the kid from the creek, aspiring writer, kid who never got anything right, the broken bird and more.Writers on the series who reunited Saturday at the ATX Television Festival in Austin included creator/showrunner Williamson, Anna Fricke (who started as a PA on ).

It followed an amusing and emotional session in which the longtime friends and frequent collaborators were quizzed about their longstanding relationship and more during which Williamson, who at the time was emotionally reeling after a friend's passing, revealed he almost didn't do The CW vampire drama because it was too much like ) in the trades.

The teen angst drama made stars of James Van Der Beek (Dawson), Katie Holmes (Joey), Josh Jackson (Pacey) and Michelle Williams (Jen).

The drama helped put the then-WB Network on the map and establish a tone for the eventual CW.

Thursday night's episode of Celebs Go Dating was full of twists and turns, with one date in particular making viewers squirm in their armchairs: Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman sent Charlotte Dawson and Frankie Cocozza on a double date to Blackpool, which definitely didn't go as they had intended.

Before the celebrity duo had even boarded the train, Charlotte admitted her true feelings for her Celebs Go Dating co-star, telling viewers: "The more time I spend with Frankie, the more I like him. Once on the train up to Blackpool for their double date, the fiery redhead further confessed that she was struggling to keep her hands of Frankie, teasing: "What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool".

During dinner, things soon got very awkward with Frankie and Charlotte openly admitting to fancying each other – leaving their dates miffed.