Silverlight treeview observablecollection not updating

26-Aug-2017 12:18 by 2 Comments

Silverlight treeview observablecollection not updating - Stranger webcam chat random adult

February 2011 and the Q1 2011 is scheduled for the middle of March.

Property Changed, and am wondering if this is the problem?

The properties can change earlier, but the UI will not change bindings until On Property Changed is called.

All our View Models derive from a View Model Base we created that implements a helper Send Property Changed like below (so we never have to worry about cross-threading).

Based on user selection of other criteria on my page I want to dynamically set which checkboxes are checked.

Unfortunately my checkboxes fail to update their Is Checked status after I have changed the corresponding bool Property bound to Is Checked.

If you could show your View Model I could tell you for sure.

I have a treeview bound to an Observable Collection of objects, and those objects all have their own Observable Collections.Here in this case we need to call the Refresh method of Collection View Source. Okay, so the Display Member Path isn't working at all, i have tried all day to fix it and nothing i found on the internet works...It looks like you are updating the property in response to a load event.It is likely then that you are not on the UI thread when you update the property.Regards, Petar Mladenov the Telerik team Hello Aurore, No this issue is still not resolved as you can see in our PITS.

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