Simcity crashes when updating

29-Sep-2016 07:56 by 8 Comments

Simcity crashes when updating - Video chat with women no registration

Famed game designer Will Wright co-founded Maxis in 1987.I remember first getting Sim City when it came out for my 286 PC.

Except Sim City 5 can’t be played offline, unleashing a torrent of complaints about crashing games and slow and wholly unavailable servers.There’s even a petition started to urge the game’s publisher Maxis to “Create a 100% offline single player mode in Sim City 2013, remove the Origin requirement from it, and bring back popular features from Sim City 4.” Early this morning, EA posted the following on their Facebook page, which seems to be its preferred method of addressing the issue: We are aggressively undergoing maintenance on the servers and adding capacity to meet demand. Our fans are important to us, and we thank you for your continued patience.There’s also a dedicated Sim City Twitter account issuing similar updates about which servers are up, which are down, and hey everybody, be patient.I think if I had known Old fogies like me remember Sim City and its related spin-offs (the innovative Sim Earth; the newer Sim City 2000, 3000, and 4; and so on) more than what came afterward.But it was really The Sims, released in the year 2000, that catapulted the company into stardom, with blockbuster sales across the entire lineup, and with expansion packs and versions of the games on the PC, consoles, and mobile devices.That EA is apologising to customers who’ve yet to even buy Sim City is pretty extraordinary.

“We’re sorry you’re about to buy our broken game.” I’m sure they’re hoping this might boost some new sales too, but it’s still a fairly odd situation. Here’s the list: Battlefield 3 (Standard Edition) Bejeweled 3 Dead Space 3 (Standard Edition) Mass Effect 3 (Standard Edition) MOHW (Standard Edition) NFS Most Wanted (Standard Edition) Plants vs. Well, unless you want it, and this isn’t just about the graph EA execs will have to look at in a month’s time.The 2013 version of the game, aside from a number of baffling design decisions involving the way you built your cities, required an always-on Internet connection as a form of digital rights management.Well, EA and Maxis have never admitted it straight out, but their various hemming and hawing about multiplayer and trading fooled no one, and a modder proved it wasn’t a technical requirement. Meanwhile, EA’s flaky servers made the game much more unreliable than it needed to be.The Sim City Build It Team have announced that they enrolled a brand new Update yesterday, fixing some bugs and adding some new features.To download it, just open the App on your i OS/Android device and you’ll be prompted to download the new update.It’s easy to see by hopping around on the Internet that the prevailing feeling of this game launch is disappointment, anger and just plain frustration.

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