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Most non-halflings forget about far-away Shireland or the Stouthearts—an ethnicity of militant and territorial halflings.

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The film status is uncertain but a release flier survives which is now at the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, it was part of the Charles G. Ella Markham (Adrienne Kroell) pretty and young is left penniless and along in the world through the death of her father.They ask her to deliver it at their home and Ella leaves with a package.As she is leaving the Keene residence, Ella passes handsome John Foragan (Carl Winterhoff) who is calling on the Keenes.Later, Ella and Foragan are married and the Keenes are placed in an embarrassing position when they call to meet Foragan's wife. Curious and active, open but secretive, halflings are among the least understood races in Athas.Regardless, halflings are cunning, resourceful survivors. Despite their own personal wishes, halflings are curious to a fault, often finding themselves in trouble.

They have an uncanny knack for surviving and escaping danger, demonstrating a sometimes shocking daring to those unfamiliar with their people.

Halflings enjoy the finer comforts in life, and many spend gold as quickly as they earn it.

They are also famous collectors; the more orthodox among them collect books, jewelry, stamps, pipes or trinkets from various cities around the world.

Laura Keene (Lillian Logan) and her mother (Rose Evans), ambitious social climbers, enter the shop in quest of an opera cloak.

Ella displays and sells them as expensive pink garment.

Halflings fit into dwarven, gnome, elven and human societies wherever they can, often leaving little or no impression on their neighbors.