The dating disasters of sirius black

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(For me, it’s between Sirius Black and Oliver Wood), there is another, more real world question: what house is your ideal mate in?

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To make things even more complicated, some of my friends have started identifying as house hybrids (like Ravenpuffs and Slytherdors).

Although this might make people even harder to figure out, I sort of like the challenge of seeing which parts of each house are present in the personality of someone I’m getting to know (but maybe that’s a Ravenclaw thing).

Recently, while watching an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one character self-identifies as a Ravenclaw.

In response, another character notes: “When people say they’re Ravenclaw, they really think they’re Gryffindor but they don’t want to seem too braggy.” This is certainly one way to think of the house of Ravenclaw, but as a sorted member, I’m afraid I just don’t find it true.

She wants someone brave and willing to be the life of the party, someone to pull her out of her comfort zone when she’s feeling introverted. I want someone kind and loyal, someone who might like to cook for me.

When I mentioned this to a friend recently, she suggested that I might want to look for “a Hufflepuff in the street and a Slytherin between the sheets.” She might be onto something.It’s hard to think of a more loyal character than Snape, a Slytherin through and through.While I could see a pairing between Griffyndor or Ravenclaw working in certain cases (perhaps helped to balance some of the Slytherin extremes) it seems more likely that this group will find a partner in-house.While Ravenclaws might get along well with Griffyndors (think Luna Lovegood’s wonderful friendship with Harry, Hermione, and Ron) I think they’re happy being who they are.I have a tendency to be focused on what is going on in my own head, my nose often in a book.Just in case you need a refresher, here are the distinguishing characteristics of the houses: Gryffindor values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry.