Tips for dating an architect

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Fortunately for us, a good contractor will have the science worked out, and regardless of the type of roof we select, make it work for us. What a roof is made of, assuming it is a durable material, is going to provide a degree of natural insulation. Not good is air that is trapped against the roof’s underside.Ideally, the material reflects the heat of the sun, and is allowed to breath, from below, so it maintains a desired temperature. Here is where framing for a roof really starts to matter.

At first glance, that’s a good thing, but not so much when you realize that it would be poor design to have all sides of a roof pouring water on you.Some folks understand the many components that make up the design and structure of a roof.For those who need a refresher, this section is for you.Not to mention leaving a standing pool of water by your home’s foundation!And so, our first consideration is the drainage system for any roof.The value of the roof over your home cannot be overstated.

Sure, we all know it’s primary purpose is to protect us from stormy weather and prevent animals who may otherwise drop things on our heads.Some folks, G-d bless them, prefer to collect that fallen precipitation via rain barrels.Just as long as it doesn’t stay where it doesn’t belong and lead to leaky roofs, or a rotting foundation, it’s all good. The air needs to circulate and the attic space needs to be well ventilated.An attic space can be very helpful, especially if that space is also properly insulated.Window spaces or vents in the roof will help in ventilating the air.An architect or interior designer can assist with plans, and a carpenter type may suffice on smaller projects.