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That first impression is an opportunity to highlight the school's best qualities and to show how welcoming the school community is to all stakeholders-parents, students, educators and community members.Once this positive impression is made, the website can to provide a wide variety of information, from posting an exam schedule to announcing an early dismissal because of inclement weather.

Good navigation on a school website should include a navigation bar, clearly defined tabs, or labels that clearly differentiate the pages of the website.Up to date information is particularly important for teacher websites that list assignments or homework for students and parents to see.Every school website must be a reliable source of information that is communicated clearly and accurately.There are reasons to make the school website as attractive and professional as possible.While a private school may be looking to attract students through a website, both public and private school administrators may be seeking to attract high quality staff who can drive achievement results.The website can also effectively communicate the schools vision and mission, the qualities, and the offerings to each of these stakeholders.

In effect, the school website presents the personality of the school.

Another approach is to use the website as a part of the school curriculum where students are given the task of developing and maintaining portions of the website.

This innovative approach benefits both the students who learn to work collaboratively in an authentic and on-going project as well as educators who can become more familiar with the technologies involved.

That encouragement might include training or demonstrations for parents during school open houses or parent-teacher meeting.

Schools could even offer technology training for parents after school or on special evening activity nights.

That task is usually assigned to a school's Information Technology or IT Department.

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