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The two will host a fundraiser Thursday in honor of Greg benefiting the organization at the Fieldhouse.

So, he and Ben have come out as celebrity spokesmen for Voices Against Brain Cancer to raise awareness and, more importantly, money.

And who cares if the reason behind the hustle is his brother, Greg, who might've been the best athlete in the family were it not for the tennis-ball-size brain tumor he got when he was 7. Which is why it's weird that he notices everything. "They make you laugh." (Inside, apparently.) Less humorous are the chants meant for his mom: "MISS Mah-ZOOR-ee!

Removing it left him partially paralyzed on the left side, and yet Greg played hoops in high school and has run three marathons, one-sided. Like the time somebody yelled, "Why'd you shoot Bambi's mom, Hansbrough? "And when I got back, I had 17 messages, all telling me how much I sucked."What's a little bent is that he likes hearing, "F—you, Hansbrough! " (Which she was.)And what does Williams feel when people say Hansbrough is the Most Hated Player in America? Why would somebody want to play on a team that has a chance to be the first undefeated national champion in 33 years, become the No.

Question is, once he's in the pros, will he piss off the players association by hustling as if he's on Ritalin, like he has at UNC?

He remembers setting up a trampoline — much to the dismay of his orthopedic surgeon father — next to abasketball goal so the three could slam dunk.

Although surgery to remove the tumor was successful, doctors thought Greg would never walk again. He played basketball for four years at his high school in Poplar Bluff, Mo. He's played soccer and run marathons as an adult even though the surgery had long-term effects on the left side of his body.

He can't move his left hand or the toes on his left feet. But then one day, the left-handed layups stopped falling.While other celebrities, like Tony Danza and Marc Anthony, have come out to support the brain cancer cause, the Hansbroughs will be the first professional athletes."What (they're) doing, it's the first in the NBA.It's the first of its kind in all of sports," said Mario Lichtenstein, who founded Voices Against Brain Cancer nine years ago after his son died of the disease."It's the first time a sports celebrity has come out to be a voice against brain cancer."Lichtenstein is thrilled to have them."Especially with basketball because it reaches all ages," he said. Few people even think about it when it comes to giving money."Celebrity awareness, when done for the right reason and the right things, it stops people and it makes them listen."He wants people to listen to his organization's message. But it is a devastating cancer, especially for children.He remembers something else: His older brother, Greg, being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at age 7. He didn't have much time to live."When Greg first got diagnosed, he wasn't given much of a chance," said Tyler, 27, as he sat on the Pacers practice court at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Monday.