Whos dating duane the rock johnson

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Whos dating duane the rock johnson - are we dating or boyfriend girlfriend

According to Divorce Debbie, the couple stated clearly that their relationship may have changed in certain ways, but that they would continue to remain vitally important to each other, which included co-parenting their then 7 year old daughter.What else could they possibly have together, you ask?

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Johnson and Hashian have been together for the almost 10 years — which is very long in Hollywood — but they keep their relationship pretty private, only showing a few pics together on their social media accounts.

That does not mean the actor is single, in fact he is far from it. The actor is obviously into long term relationships because he has been with Lauren Hashian for 9 years.

The couple started dating the same year he got divorced and there were speculations that she might have been ‘a side piece’ that tore his marriage apart.

Based on this, it would be very hard to tag him ‘gay’.

Also his wrestling pseudonym was ‘The Rock Johnson’, so unless his whole life is one big cover, it’s pretty obvious that Dwayne likes his lovers ‘female’.

May 1997 - June 2007Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia were married one day after the Rock's 25th birthday on May 3, 1997.

When the two split in 2007, they made it clear that they would remain on very friendly terms as they raise daughter Simone Alexandra (born 2001).The ex couple built an empire together, it’still growing, but ‘7 Bucks’, is a business venture to watch out for.Transcending from acting to business may not be the easiest feat, but when it comes to blurring the lines between careers, Dwayne knows one or two things.So let’s tackle this bit by bit, starting with the question, Is Dwayne Johnson married?You probably already know he’s not, but did you know the actor was once married for 10 years. Dwayne Johnson married Dany Garcia, his college sweetheart, and they were together 7 years prior to their marriage.The couple must be really serious about each other because their relationship recently moved a whole level up.

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