Wpf canexecute not updating

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Wpf canexecute not updating - daytime dating soul torrent

So you are now fully aware that if your apps use Delegate Command. Even if you did, you should not be trying to make ICommand act as async.

And because Silverlight and WPF applications are state-full, and allow us to hold state in the form of complex data structures as well as rich UI elements, this can add to the size of memory leaks when things go wrong. NET applications, and a common oversight by developers.

Strictly speaking it's actually the way you use it that causes the leak.

If you have a child object that data binds to a property of its parent, a memory leak can occur. The condition will only occur if the bound property is a Property Descriptor property, as Children. This is because, in order to detect when a Property Descriptor property changes, the framework has to subscribe to the Value Changed event, which in turn sets up a strong reference chain.

A migration guide for the breaking changes is available here: https://github.com/Mah Apps/Mah Apps.

Metro/blob/master/docs/v1.0We’re nearly ready to release version 1.0 of Mah Apps. There are no known breaking changes in this release, but we had to deprecate some things, particularly around the titlebar overlay behavior.

Subscribing to an event on a static object will set up a strong reference to any objects handling that event.

Statics, one referenced, remain for the duration of the app domain execution, and therefore so do all their references.

It doesn’t work, and it actually breaks any non-async code that is used. Execute in code you can await it, but I would argue that you should very rarely be calling commands in code.

Any exception that is thrown from a non-async method is swallowed. The only argument that can really be made is that when you manually call the Delegate Command.

Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog(this.metro Dialog Settings)); // or await this.

Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog(this, this.metro Dialog Settings)); This is the first stable release of Mah Apps. We removed everything marked as obsolete and made some API changes, but from now on Mah Apps.

There are is now an enum with four values: infrastructure along with several other fixes and improvements. After only 2 months and nearly 300 commits, this is one of the feature-richest releases we’ve ever done.

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