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“All of the Credit, None of the Interest” and “Check out the benefits that Credit Cards have to offer and pick the best.” The first email comes from the strange website hhdiwo.download which was registered on May 31 by someone named Hatton Garden from London, GB.The second email makes no effort to disguise the crazy links or the spammy text.

And what makes them think that we want to associate with them any way? complimentary application form and soon you’ll have access to the world’s top-rated network of pros, business people, top- and mid-level execs, entrepeneurs, and others looking to make a difference and enjoy success.

(The spammy text was actually copied from a March, 2015 essay on fish recognition and classification system published in UKEssays.com) Perhaps the scammers think that their domain Credit Care is enough to put aside any recipients suspicions. The domain was registered on June 2 by our archenemy Judy Santiago using and the domain is being hosted in the Netherlands. (We’ve written about Judy’s malicious emails in four recent newsletters! We’ve never seen scams targeting mothers with newborns. They routinely prey upon the sick, the poor, the addicted…. They prey upon mothers looking for healthy baby formula choices. ” Here are search results for Healthy Baby Formula. This domain was registered by our new friend in London named Hatton Garden.

(A Google search informs us that “Hatton Garden” is a London Jeweler, also a safe deposit company, and also the name of a street in London.) The domain was registered less than five hours before the email was sent using the heavily abused service called )Vanity scams are meant to appeal to the recipients ego as he or she is invited to join an “elite group of professionals” or some other ridiculous invitation.

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This email, for example, with the subject line “View Document” leads the recipient to believe that the link is for a Google document.

However, the link leads to a website named haoqin87

We most often see these malicious emails disguised as “CNN Reports” such as this one with the subject line Can you recognize “adance fee” scams?

There are so many varieties of them but the most common are the “419 scams” named after the Nigerian 419 Penal Code from which they originated.

The classic vanity scam is an invitation to join a professional “Who’s Who” of Who-dom.

Like some reverse Batesian mimicry, some of these scams are actually meant to trick you into purchasing a useless certificate or directory with the names of all the people who wasted their money like you did.

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    (In 1997, Mike Myers, with a debt to Wilhelm Reich—and to films such as . In the fantasy forums called MUDs, it was sometimes called Tiny Sex, as Sherry Turkle would note in her 1995 book , discussing early “computer-mediated screen communications for sexual encounters. as people typing messages with erotic content to each other, ‘sometimes with one hand on the keyset, sometimes with two.’ ”Along came CD-ROMs and DVDs—interactive discs that could be slipped into a disk drive or game console—which allowed users to issue simple commands and choose various options or outcomes in their sexual entertainment.

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    In March 2013, Zelmerlöw revealed plans for his third studio album, Barcelona Sessions, unveiling a new single, "Broken Parts".

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    "Know that it's okay to be exactly who you are," says Erik Newton, a former divorce lawyer and the founder of Together, a magazine and podcast for couples.

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    In India, the palm leaf manuscript, with a distinctive long rectangular shape, was used from ancient times until the 19th century.