Xmlvalidatingreader schematype property

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Xmlvalidatingreader schematype property

Then, the Validation Type property is set to Schema, since the XML file is to be validated with the Schema.The property Schemas is of type Xml Schema Collection, which stores the name of the XSD file that is to be utilized for validation.

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When you are on an element node, you can check for the existence of attributes, and optionally retreive the attribute values. This is an event that gets raised when a validation error occurs.You can then react to the error in any way you see fit. First we will add an XDR (XM- Data Reduced) schema namespace to our namespace.This collection holds pre-loaded XSD and XDR schemas.Since it is a streaming model, the memory requirements are not very demanding.However, you don't have the navigation flexibility and the read/write capabilities that would be available from a DOM-based model. One of the biggest differences, however, is that while SAX is a push type of model (that is, it pushes data out to the application, and the developer has to be ready to accept it), the has a pull model, where data is pulled in to the application requesting it.The XML Schema, which is a substitute for the DTD or Document Type Description, represents these rules . However, DTD supports only 10 data types, whereas the Schema world supports more than 44 data types.

Besides, the Schema world allows creation of user-defined data types.Here is a screenshot after the listbox is loaded: There are several ways to move through the document.As we just saw, This is what you should see when you run this code: Looks familiar? What we are seeing is that there is more then one way to accomplish the same goal.This allows for very fast validation, especially if you need to validate several documents, since the schema will not have to be reloaded on each validation.In order to utilize this performance gain, you create an is highly configurable, allowing you to specify such things as whether or not to indent, the amount to indent, what quote character to use in attribute values, and whether namespaces are supported.This gives an easier and more intuitive programming model.

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